• EVERU Minimalist Heart Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Love Pendant for Women Girls Everyday Wear DTBEWOOKE

EVERU Minimalist Heart Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Love Pendant for Women Girls Everyday Wear DTBEWOOKE

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♥Design♥ Our open heart necklace is as simple as love is. It's dainty design makes it the perfect symbol to wear daily or layer up with longer necklaces. Hearts have always symbolized love, unity, femininity, emotion and cohesion to name a few. We hope you embody these feelings when you wear it or pass it along to who you give as a gift to.♥Specification♥ Made of 925 Sterling Silver. We use some of the most exquisite polish techniques to ensure every single necklace we create is a unique-one-off design that can never be replicated. Its extension design (38.0cm + 4.5cm extension) allows a perfect fit different neck sizes. Pendant size: 12*10 mm. Colour: silver, rose gold, gold.♥Ideal Gifts♥ If you're someone who wants to express your love and feelings to someone, giving a necklace with an open heart will do a perfect job. Upon seeing the heart symbol, the other person will know right away what they mean to you. Packed in an exquisite gift box, these make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts, as well as birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or pretty much any other cause for celebration.♥CARE♥ To get the most out of your silver jewellery it's imperative to take gentle care of it. Wipe using baby wipes to maintain its original allure. Rub with a clean dry soft cotton cloth to restore the shine. Wrap with a soft cloth or fabric swath and avoid placing it in contact with other jewellery. Take it off when showering, swimming or undertaking any activity involving contact with water.♥AFTER-SALES SERVICE♥ We're committed to bringing you the best quality jewellery so you can reap maximum value out of your hard-earned cash. In that regard, we offer a 1-year product warranty and a 180-day money back guarantee period. So, in case you have any queries, concerns, complaints or compliments, all you need to do is contact our helpful support team and we'll be more than glad to help.

About EVERU Jewellery

EVERU is a brainchild of top-notch French jewellery designers who have built a name for themselves by marrying elegance with simplicity to create trend-setting products.

The word EVERU simply means "forever with you", and true to that mantra, we are dedicated to establishing relationships that stand the test of time. Our jewelleries are not only made for today and tomorrow. We make them for everybody who knows that the true beauty of fashion lies in long-term value.

Why Choose Us

* Our jewellery stun not only due to exquisite workmanship but also because each piece is made from the highest quality materials available.

* We use sterling silver which is classy, easy to maintain and safe even for people with sensitive ears. Each package comes packed up in a black gift box and sealed in a plastic paper to prevent oxidization.

* Our designs are trendy and stylish. Looking to stun at your upcoming party Our unique jewellery can transform your sense of style from good to epic.

* Quality customer service is our forte. We not only make sure you get the best shopping experience but also provide award-winning customer experience. This is in line with our objective of retaining 100% satisfaction.

What stuff do you receive

1) 1 pcs heart necklace
2) 1 delicate black gift box
3) polishing cloth
4) desiccant (keep it dry)

Tips: How to Maintain 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

To keep your .925 sterling pieces of jewellery looking as good as new, always store them in a cool dry place. Avoid directly exposing them to moisture. Consider polishing them using basic household items such as baking soda or ketchup every once in a while. Also, avoid keeping your jewellery in any form of contact with sulfates or rubber.

EVERU Minimalist Heart Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Love Pendant for Women Girls Everyday Wear DTBEWOOKE

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